Students from The Middle East

After learning about God's forgiveness and our need to forgive others, one man said that he had decided to forgive people in his life, which was a hard thing to do.

One former student brought a friend along to join the class.  He said, "This is where I started".  He explained that the class had helped him improve his English, and he was now studying several subjects at the college.  We have also received positive feedback from the local Job Centre about the work that we do at the Six One One Centre. 

A student said that when she missed her family, she would come to the Six One One Centre.  She said that this stopped her from being upset because the people at the Centre had become her new family.

A student who was a lecturer in his home country told us that he had had no access to Christian literature before coming to the UK.  Since his arrival in this country, he had been reading the Bible and found it "tasty, so sweet".  He said that he now knew it was real, the Truth.  He said that reading the Bible increased a hunger in him that grew as he read it.  This student was recently baptised.

A student recently had a cancerous lump removed, and she was worried that it might have spread.  She experienced the love of God through the friendship of believers.  God's miraculous power also touched her life when she received her test results from the hospital.  The cancer was no more!  Fear left her and her joy returned.

In one lesson on 'Jesus, the Saviour', the students learnt about salvation in a real, practical way.  The believers were asked to stand up, and the teacher asked each one: "What do you believe?"  All but one stood up and said: "I know Jesus".

A student who had moved away sent a text message, which read: "...When you taught us the Bible it was the best time in my life." 

One of the believers was quick to pray for another student who was unwell.  The man prayed confidently for the man to be made well in Jesus' Name.  All the students gathered around the man being prayed for, and a beautiful multi-lingual throng of passionate voices called out together in prayer.  The man praying later explained with excitement that he had had a strong, fresh understanding that he had all of God's power inside him.  He said, "It wasn't me.  I just got up."