Students from South Asia

"I understand the Bible.  Everything is good.  It is better than college."  

One student experienced bad dreams each night.  After prayer, the dreams stopped, and he now sleeps well at night.

Having had a lot of Christian input prior to joining the class, we saw a man understand for the first time that all of his sin had been put on Jesus at the cross.  A short while later, this man accepted God's forgiveness, gave his life to Jesus, and he was later baptised.

One young man came to the class searching for answers and wanting to learn English.  Having received a lot of good Christian input from different sources, this man came to understanding of God as Father.  He chose to follow Jesus and was baptised soon after that.  He is a strong, growing disciple of Christ.  This man has made disciples of three other people from his country whom he has helped to baptise.

During one lesson on the topic of Pentecost, when 10 different nations were represented in the class, the learners really enjoyed discussing the Bible passage in mixed-language groups.  One student said, "This class is like Jerusalem.  People from all different countries are here.  God has a plan for us." 

Some of the new believers have asked how they can start talking to people who do not believe and do not know about God the Father.  One student explained that he and two friends had been talking to some other people about God's Word.  He said that we can pray to God and ask for power to 'say about Jesus'.  It was really encouraging to hear about this same man talking to another believer from his country, both of them excited about experiencing God's answers to their prayers of faith. 

OpenWORD hosted a cross-cultural training event, which included an international lunch with our students.  One of the students said that the room was full of "beautiful, different flowers", whilst another said that he had made eight new friends that day.  One of the trainers aid that it was the most cross-cultural event that they had run.

The students were given a language task about 'light' as an introduction to a lesson on 'Jesus, Light of the World'.  In response to being given this task, a new young man cried: "I don't want this!  I want to learn about Jesus!"  

This young man is full of questions and loves to talk about Jesus, and he says that his friends have seen how he has changed.  He is always ready to pray in a group, thanking God for those who have taught him about Jesus Christ.  He is now looking forward to being baptised.

Two young men were baptised after choosing to follow Jesus Christ and both were keen to tell others the Good News about Jesus.  One of the men explained to a new student: "I didn't understand anything about Jesus before I came to this class.  Now, He is my Saviour.  Before, I only understood 'A, B, C' in English.  If you read God's Word, Jesus will help you to learn English." 

When asked what gifts God had given him, the other new believer said: "Too much!"