promo_img_03.jpgOpenWORD Bible lessons in simple English include fun, interactive and challenging learning activities that help the learners to apply Biblical teaching to their lives.  Topics covered so far have included:

The Beginning (Genesis)

Old Testament Characters: God's Plans and Promises

Women in the Bible 

The Parables of Jesus

People Who Met Jesus

The Miracles of Jesus

The Life of Christ

New Life in Christ

The Holy Spirit and the Early Church




A Life of Action: Verbs in the Bible

The Full Armour of God



Christmas: God's plan and God's people


The Olympics: Running the Race and Receiving the Prize

Aspects of the Cross 

Kingdom Culture is a practical course that aims to equip people to live and thrive in the UK as believers living in God's culture.  Topics covered include: the Home Office, Budgeting, Shopping, and Health, amongst others.


OpenWORD has also developed and delivered four lesson series which are available for wider use:  The Covenant Names of God (9 lessons), Questions in the Gospels (9 lessons), a series based on the Christianity Explored English Made Easy materials (13 lessons) and The I AM statements of Jesus (9 lessons).  There is currently no charge for OpenWORD's lesson materials, but donations towards the work are gratefully received in order to enable the work to continue.

Sample Lesson Materials

pdf.jpgThe Covenant Names of God Lesson 1

pdf.jpgThe Covenant Names of God Lesson 2

pdf.jpgQuestions in the Gospels Lesson 1

pdf.jpgQuestions in the Gospels Lesson 2