Students from East Asia

"Before, I did not understand about Jesus.  Now I understand."  
This man chose to follow Christ, testifying that "Jesus is the way, the truth and the life".  He was then baptised at his local fellowship.

One young man arrived in the UK with no English and improved rapidly in his use of the English language.   As part of a lesson on praising God, he wrote the sentence: 'You are only the saviour for our sin'.

One man asked for some worship cassettes.  After listening to one, he came to class singing, "I love you with the love of the Lord!"  He said that in his country, people do not know about God's love.  They have no money and are cold.  He said that he is happy learning about the Bible and English, and he wanted to send a message to the people in his country about God's love.  He said that when they know God's love, they will be rich. 

When we covered the topic of praise as the way to begin prayer, the students produced their own wonderful praise sentences.  They recognised Jesus as the Shepherd, the One who shows the right way, the Light of the World, the most wonderful God. 

A new student came with a smile on her face but sadness in her heart, feeling unable to communicate with people that she met.  She quickly made friends with everyone at OpenWORD and became one of the most keen learners, sitting on the edge of her seat and absorbing this new Good News of God's love for her!