Students from Africa

After looking at the Christmas story in class, one student clearly stated that beforehand he didn't believe.  However, he said that now he believes that Jesus is God's Son.

After a session on Psalm 23, students were invited to make Jesus their own personal shepherd, if they had not done so already.  At the end of the session, a man from an Orthodox background said that he wanted Jesus to be his shepherd!

Whilst studying the topic of prayer, the students were taught to trust God rather than worry.  That morning, one of the students had heard that her brother was very ill.  She said that the lesson had encouraged her.  A group of students and teachers prayed with her for her brother and, days later, she shared news of his recovery.  This woman recently explained that her faith had grown as a result of seeing prayer answered.

One student joined the class with a heart problem that she had had since childhood.  She was prayed for after class one day, and when she returned to the hospital the cardiologist gave her the all-clear.

One man asked for some literature in his language.  He was given a booklet full of Gospel extracts and stories of present-day refugees.  As he read his language, his face lit up and he gasped with excitement.  He then asked for a Bible in his language. 

In echoes of the Ethiopian man talking to Philip, a student said after class one day: "I haven't really read the Bible.  How do I know that Jesus is true?"  He was given a Bible and encouraged to ask God to show his heart the Truth.  He was invited to ask the teachers any questions that came to him as he read the Gospels.  

One man from another spiritual background stated that he had come to the class because he was "searching for reality".  He went on to say: "This class is about the Bible but..... Have you got any other courses?  I want full-time."  He attended a church Alpha group that night and the topic was very relevant to him.